Houses in the UK, especially Brighton, are famous for having elegant styles that evoke a happy and lighthearted mood. Indeed, Brighton residents know how to brighten (no pun intended) their homes, both physically and socially. There are different ways homeowners improve the mood inside their homes. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the hacks on how to make your home happier. 

If you’re one of those people, that’s perfectly fine!  Here, we provide you with the most common and effective hacks you can use to give your house in Brighton a happier mood.

Keep Your House Clean

There is nothing good about having a dirty and messy house. This tip may seem a no-brainer, but keeping your home clean provides a radiant character to it. The cleanliness of your house also reflects the personality of your family. If your family knows how to value tidiness and orderliness, it will undoubtedly show through your home’s appearance. Cleaning your house also does not just make your house look good. It can also make you feel good, so making it a habit is always a win-win!

Declutter Your House

Space plays a crucial factor in providing a light mood to your home. Having a cluttered and crowded house screams chaos and stress, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. If you want to make your home look brighter and peaceful, try to free up as much space as possible. The best way to do this is to declutter your house. Go over all the items inside your home and get rid of those that you no longer use. Trust us; you will realize how much stuff you can do without when you actually do the decluttering process.

If you cannot completely discard your unused belongings, at least try to hide them by putting them into storage. Unfortunately, not everyone in Brighton has enough storage in their homes. The best solution to this is to rent a self-storage facility in Brighton. Self-storage solutions allow you to store various items in a safe and secured unit, thereby freeing up a lot of space inside your house. Brighton self-storage units are in demand, so consider renting one ahead of time.

Add More Light To Your Home

Light, of course, is still one of the most vital factors in having a bright home. Research also says that exposure to light improves the mood of people. The best light to use inside your house is still natural light. Thus, open those curtains and blinds. If there is not much natural light going inside your home, you can try to add glazed doors and windows to improve your room’s natural lighting. You can also make use of mirrors to reflect the light to the dark areas inside your house.

There may be rooms or corners inside your home that natural light cannot reach. In this case, you can opt to add artificial light sources such as lamps and chandeliers. These light sources also add an elegant look to your home. Aside from lightening the areas inside your house, they can also lighten the mood and create warmth and comfort in your home.

Use Vibrant Colours

Colours also significantly affect the mood of the house. Room colour psychology says that colour can impact our mood and thoughts as certain colours tend to receive a common reaction from most people. For instance, red can stimulate feelings of love, passion, and power. Yellow can capture the joy of sunshine. Green can help relieve stress as it is considered the most restful colour. On the other hand, blue is regarded as a very calming colour that can make you feel relaxed and serene.

You can choose a colour depending on the mood you want a room to emit. For example, kitchens are great rooms to paint yellow as it increases your energy. The choice is ultimately yours; just make sure to blend the colours into a pleasing combination. Too many colours can make a room feel chaotic, which is something you would want to avoid.

Put Up Paintings or Images

Putting up pictures or paintings that show positive emotion can radiate the mood to the whole house. Visitors, and even family members, can feel a joyful emotion when exposed to beautiful and inspiring images. You can also add pictures of your family to add a more personalized character to your house.

Add Indoor Plants

People naturally feel serene and relaxed when they are exposed to nature. Having some plants inside your house can help relieve stress and anxiety. Several indoor plants are also great at filtering the air inside your house. Having clean air translates to a more peaceful and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Growing plants can also be a great hobby, which can help you release happy hormones.

There are a lot more things you can do to uplift the mood inside your house. Other people prefer adding aromatherapy, aquariums, or even fountains inside their homes. The hacks we listed above are the most common and effective ones Brighton homeowners use. Feel free to add things that you think will improve your home’s atmosphere. Creativity is the key!