Casement Doors Installation in Brighton

Install Casement Doors For a Better View of Your Property

Looking for the perfect doors that offer better views for the interior and exterior of your property? Casement doors are the ideal choice.

We believe Ace Glazing Brighton offers the highest quality casement door installation in Brighton.

Our fully qualified staff will provide all of the necessary workmanship and materials to get the job done as quickly, efficiently, and correctly as possible. Call us today for all of your casement door installation needs!

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What are the Types of Casement Door Available?

Aluminium Casement Doors

Aluminum casement doors are the preferred doors for modern homes, as they are easy to clean and come with a variety of elegant designs.

There are many benefits to having aluminum casement doors installed in your home. A high-quality aluminum door will enhance the value of your home and add classic elegance that you can be proud of while also keeping energy costs down.

Steel Casement Doors

As durable as the steel in which they are made, steel casement doors provide years of maintenance-free enjoyment. In many applications, they can serve as either storefront or entrance doors. Careful design for our wide range of standard sizes permits installation with minimum woodwork, making it easy to find an attractive, low maintenance solution to your home improvement needs.

uPVC Casement Doors

uPVC Casement doors provide the same flexibility and design options you`ll find with the uPVC window range. The casement door is a versatile and simple yet stunning design. They make a great exterior feature for any home, creating a striking first impression as you drive up to your house and they can add style and character from inside, making the best of the sunlight shining through windows into your home.

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Which of the Casement Doors is Suitable For my Home?

Selecting a type of casement door to install depends on the style you choose. Ace Glazing Brighton installs all the different types of casement doors. We can help you identify and install the perfect casement doors for your property. Get in touch today to discuss with us. Call 01273 257 599.

What are the Benefits of Installing Casement Doors?

Better Views

Casement doors allow you to enjoy the view through a larger glass pane, with the more unobstructed sight of the world outside. The improved view helps to increase light and visibility inside your property.

Easy Operation

Casement doors are easier to operate than normal sash doors because they swivel on hinges instead of sliding. This means that you open them outward and directly to the side, allowing more fresh air into your home.

Superior Ventilation

Casement doors can be opened to allow for superior ventilation, making them ideal for rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, and home offices. This makes them particularly beneficial in houses with poor ventilation or those with a basement that is prone to flooding.

Highly Energy Efficient

When you install casement doors on your home, you are making a long-lasting energy-efficient investment in your property because casement doors have no obstruction in the path of airflow. This makes them suitable for areas where steady climate control is necessary.

Exceptional Security

Casement doors are resistant to break-ins, they provide rooms with an extra layer of security. Casement doors are equipped with locking casements that are held in place by a latch or lock, once this lock is engaged, it’s very difficult for intruders to pry their way through the door.

Exceedingly Low Maintenance

Casement doors require a low level of maintenance. They neither need re-painting nor caulking and will remain in great condition for a longer duration. Casement doors are extremely easy to clean – they can be rinsed or wiped down easily.

Excellent Noise Reduction

When installed correctly, casement doors offer excellent noise reduction with glazing options available that can effectively stop and prevent sounds from getting in or out of your home. With this type of door, you will not have to worry about disturbing others when working, reading, or talking on the phone.

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Our Casement Doors Installation Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Our representative will come to your home to assess your space and design options to meet your needs, goals, and concerns.

We want to get a clear picture of what your ideal casement door system will be, this is where we discuss your current door structure, in addition, we discuss your desired look for the project, and what are the specific aspects we will have to include.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your specific installation and receive advice from one of our experts who can help you make a decision. At this point, we can outline your total project cost. Our pricing is extremely competitive and you will not be required to enter into any binding contract.

Step 2: When We Arrive Onsite

When we arrive, we will take measurements and give you an exact estimate of your casement door. It takes about 1 hour to measure and pre-cut your framing.

After measuring you can choose your new frame, glass, and weather seal options. With these choices made, our company can make sure it will fit properly in the space and match with all of your other doors, windows, and interior design.

We then have to drive up to pick up the materials, so the next day we will come back out and start installing your door.

Step 3: Installation

At this stage, our team of installers will show up at your location on time and prepare their workspace. They will then remove your old doors, making sure not to scratch any surfaces or leave any debris behind. Next, they’ll install each of the new components that they brought to your home in a systematic fashion.

This process is designed to keep you out of trouble and prevent you from doing anything that might cause damage.

It also helps maintain our standards for quality and oversight in the field by grinding away any metal, finishing with a smooth finish on the exterior of your new door.

Step 4: After Installation

Upon completion, we clean the installation area and carefully inspect the entire door for quality, function, and safety. Lastly, we take you through a step-by-step walkthrough of your new door set and go over any questions you may have. You’ll be able to see how easy it is to operate your new doors and be confident that they’re installed properly.

Ready to enjoy the added value a casement door brings to your home? Schedule your installation service today. Call 01273 257 599.

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Why Choose Us?

High-Quality Service

You want your new casement doors to be installed so that you can be sure they will last for a long time. At Ace Glazing Brighton, we can only guarantee you high-quality work. Your new door will look great and function properly for years to come while helping you save money too.

Certified Installer

Ace Glazing Brighton is certified by FENSA to install casement doors for the best possible result for your property. So you can expect an installation with no disruption, no mess, and no delays, getting the most from your budget.

Free Consultation

For your convenience, you may request a FREE consultation via 01273 257 599 with our friendly staff to help you find what you’re looking for, and take the first step towards improving your home, business, or workplace today.

Correct Tools

Having the right tools will make installing casement doors more efficient. We are professionals who understand different kinds of door hardware and exactly how best to work with them.

Our team has the right tools in hand, such as correct tools for removing old hardware and installing new hardware.

Excellent Customer Service

Ace Glazing Brighton provides a high-quality customer experience for every job we undertake. Our customer care team goes out of its way to make sure that your doors are installed as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible, taking care of every detail from start to finish. We will take the stress and the hard work from your hands, and let our professionals get on with it.

Superior Craftsmanship

Our long-standing track record for superior craftsmanship ensures that we will be your first choice when it comes to casement door installation for peace of mind. Our trained installers are always tidy, conscientious, and courteous when installing your doors, with the ultimate goal of meeting your satisfaction.

Years of Experience

Ace Glazing Brighton is a family-run business with a decade of experience in installing all types of casement doors from commercial to domestic in Brighton. Our aim is to deliver superior service at affordable prices.

10-Year Warranty

We care about providing the very best service to all of our customers. This is why we’re proud to offer you a 10-year warranty on every single door installation carried out by us. So if any problems should ever arise to impact your beautiful doors, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll be there to help fix them for the next 10 years.

Bespoke Service

We provide a fully bespoke service to meet your specific needs. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project, our highly trained staff will take time and care to ensure your casement door installation is carried out to the highest standard possible.

After-Care and Servicing

Once the installation process is completed, you can rest assured your new casement door will provide years of service. That’s why we offer after-care and servicing packages to keep your doors in good working order for years to come. Should a repair be needed, our experienced service crews will be quick to respond. If you have a specific requirement for your home, we have an expert craftsman who’s always ready to meet your needs.

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Our FREE casement doors installation brochure provides the step-by-step procedures on how we install these doors. It includes all the necessary information you need to know about our casement door installation services. Just pick up the phone to call one of our trained representatives and have them send one directly to your inbox.

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How much do you charge for installation?

Casement door installation is usually a bit more complex than our other offerings due to the extra steps involved. Our crews have extensive experience doing casement installation and have honed their skills over the years to provide you with high-quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

However, Installation cost varies depending on your location and the number of doors you are having installed. For a free estimate, please call 01273 257 599.

How long does a casement door last?

The life of a casement door is primarily determined by the quality of the materials used to produce it. However, Casement doors last as long as any other type of door. There’s one extra factor to consider: How well the door is installed. Poor installation can mean use might take its toll on the hinges and other hardware that affects overall performance. You can trust Ace Glazing Brighton do do a great job of installation your casement doors.

Which way should a casement door open?

A casement door can be fitted to open in or out. Outwards is standard but we can also fit them so they open inwards, please contact us on 01273 257 599 for more information.

Are casement doors too heavy to open?

The weight of a casement door depends on the design and the materials used in creating it. In general, most casement doors today are lightweight so that more glass can be used. As for the ease of opening, casement doors hinge require effortless leverage to open them, making them easy-to-use and an excellent choice for family homes and high traffic doorways.

How long does the installation take?

It all depends on the size and number of doors to be installed and the existing weather conditions where you live, with average installation time running from 2 – 4 hours.

How much does it cost to install a casement window?

This cost may vary depending on where you live, the size of the window that you need to be installed, and whether your window comes as a pre-assembled unit or if the installer will have to cut out the opening. Installing windows of this type is not a particularly difficult job for a skilled professional, but it can get complicated if you are looking for additional features. In those situations, it’s likely that you will be billed more for your new casement windows installation. We will always give you a price up front for your casement window installation in Brighton?

How do I maintain my casement window after installation?

There are many ways to maintain your casement window. Cleaning your window with a cloth dampened in warm water and a mild detergent is the best way to keep it clean. Dry it immediately and check for any drips before closing the window.

The paint on your sash should stay intact for many years and not require much upkeep. Avoid scraping the paint, as it can cause window damage or expose inner surfaces and will compromise quality and longevity.

How long will it take to get my new windows installed?

The time it takes for casement window installation ultimately depends on the amount of work for the manufacture and fitting; In most cases, your windows will be completed and ready for install within a week. Our expert installers work quickly to provide you with the best quality and service and will normally only require a few hours for installation.

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