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Ace Glazing Brighton is a local family run business, specialising in the installation of doors in Brighton. We take pride in our workmanship and have a long-term track record of over 10 years of being one of the best door installation companies around.

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What Are Composite Doors?

A composite door is a type of door made from several materials. Typically, these doors will consist of a hard outer layer which helps to protect the soft insulating core.Composite doors offer protection against cold, heat, and drafts while also being much more energy-efficient than regular doors.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing Composite Doors?


Add value and style to your home with composite doors, featuring smooth lines and a design that blends traditional and contemporary styling. Timeless beauty and unparalleled durability. Futuristic-looking yet weather-resistant to withstand the elements, this door is an update on a classic design.

Strength and Durability

Composite doors are an ideal choice when you need a strong and durable door that is going to stand the test of time. They are made of high-quality materials, and so they are extremely sturdy and reliable – as well as energy-efficient, helping you to save money every time you use them.

They are built with easy glide features that make them easier to open and close, offering convenient everyday usage.

Easy Maintenance

Composite doors are easier to maintain than wooden doors. They do not require the same level of specialist cleaning that wood doors do which means they can be cleaned professionally every 12-18 months, and in between just a damp cloth wiped over them with a little detergent works fine. If the more detailed areas of your door get dirty, which sometimes can happen if children play in their garden, with the normal cleaning you will not have to worry about this affecting the appearance of your composite doors.

Thermal Efficiency

Composite doors offer thermal efficiency and resist thermal loss better than a wooden door. We have tested the insulation properties of composite doors against traditional timber doors and they showed that composite doors can keep your home warmer for longer and you can reduce your energy bills. Their remarkable efficiency helps it achieve an A+ energy rating.

Noise Reduction

Composite doors are designed to protect your home and in doing so, help reduce noise that may leak through the door.

To assist with this, the doors are manufactured in two ways (both of which combine our unique three-layer system), depending on the property/environment they are designed for.


Composite doors provide a very high level of security for your home or business. They are resistant to forced entry due to their solid structure and few entry points. These doors are highly resistant to smashing, kicking, and drilling. Their composite casing is not easily penetrated or broken. Any smash attacks on these doors are unlikely to be effective because the composite material is extremely strong and rigid.

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Our Range of Composite Doors

Polymer composite

A polymer is a type of super-strong material made of multiple layers. These doors are designed for great security, strength, and insulation. The unique jamb design makes it virtually impossible for anyone to break through the door. Unlike many other doors, it has been tested by several law agencies and carries a lifetime guarantee.

Metal composite

Metal composite doors are a very strong and sturdy option for those looking to purchase new doors for their home.

Some people like to call them metal-clad doors because they combine the look of a traditional door with the strength and durability of steel.


Ceramic-composite doors are a blend of the most durable materials and state-of-the-art technology.

The strong, sleek look of the Ceramic-composite door will add a dramatic, contemporary look to your kitchen. Once installed, these doors are virtually seamless.

Choose From a Range of Styles and Colours

Featuring a full range of composite door styles, colours and options – including smooth white and more sophisticated grain finishes – plus stylish wooden doors with glass panels, there is a composite door to suit every requirement.

Choose from over 40 different frame designs, handle colours, and glass panes to create the perfect combination for you. As an added bonus we will design your door to meet your specific measurements, ensuring that it will fit perfectly upon installation.For more information, please contact our friendly sales team on 01273 257 599.

Our Composite Door Installation Process

Our comprehensive composite door installation process ensures you’ll get the perfectly fitted door every time, all at no extra cost. Our process makes it easier to understand how the door is fitted. It also shows that the customer will not have to worry about fitting the door themselves as this will be done by our installation team.

Removal of the existing door

Removing the existing door to make way for your new composite door is often not much of a challenge, but getting it taken care of well can be. Our process for installing your new composite door is straightforward and efficient. The process begins with the partial removal of your existing door whether it’s a sliding, bifold, or single swinging door.

Pre-installation Preparation

Before your composite door comes to the house, our door experts will prepare all the areas for installation. They will clean the area extremely well and make sure there are no nails or screws from other remodelling projects that could possibly damage the new door. We also help you remove the old door so you don’t have to worry about any of those details.

Double-checking the specs

Measure twice, install once. We’re here to help you confirm the door size, determine which outside and inside trim is appropriate for your project, and ensure all specifications are met before starting an installation.

Installation of the door

Our door installation pros are trained to help you install your new entry door seamlessly. We respect your time and your home, so we take care of everything with a warranty that protects both you and our company. The process is quick and efficient, and we even do a final walkthrough with you when the job is complete. 

Get in touch with us today for your composite door installation. Please call 01273 257 599.

Installation of the frame

The frame components are sized and designed to allow for faster, simpler installation. The frame is installed by attaching the components together with screws, then laying them in the place where they will be secured by the door panel (or “skin”);

Installation of the hinges

Installation of the hinges is a straightforward and quick process. Each hinge set comes with five screws that are used in conjunction with the attachment points on your door. The set screw locks the plunger rod into place, while the screw pushes all of the other components together, creating enough tension to hold a properly sized door firmly but gently.

Why Choose Ace Glazing Brighton for Your Composite Door Installation?

Competitively Priced

Providing you with a composite door that will enhance the look of your home is our number one goal.

Competitive pricing and quality assurance are why we’re Brighton’s top choice.

Free Customer Quotation

We provide a free quotation of composite door installation to all of our customers in Brighton. We’re well regarded as a leading company when it comes to installing quality composite doors, and our company has been built on a reputation for providing the very best service in the industry.

Exceptional Customer Service

We take great pride in our customer service and are always more than happy to help should you need it. Unlike many other companies, we listen to your requirements and always try to find the perfect solution for you before proceeding with a quotation. We aim to provide an excellent service and respond quickly to any query that you may raise. We are happy to provide advice on the design and other aspects of your project.

10-Year Warranty

Ace Glazing Brighton are expert installers of composite doors in the Brighton area. You can be sure that you are getting the best service possible when you choose us for a new front door installation service. We are also prepared to stand behind our work with a 10-year products and services warranty, so you don’t have to worry about any door problems in years to come!

Approved By Checkatrade and FENSA

Ace Glazing Brighton is approved by Checkatrade and FENSA. We are a local company with our own range of high-quality Composite Doors. Our doors are designed to save you money, improve security, and protect you from the elements.

Ongoing support and aftersales service

Ace Glazing Brighton has been providing homeowners in Brighton and surrounding areas with new composite door installations for more than a decade. We have built up a reputation for excellence by providing those same clients with the level of support and aftersales service that our customers deserve.

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How long does it take to install a composite door?

The average time to install a composite door is about three hours with two people on site. The door itself accounts for the longest time of installation as you will need to ensure that the frame and threshold are straight and level beforehand. You should also have the wall against which the door opens plumbed, which if done correctly means that it will open easily.

There are all sorts of corners in any home or business, which means there are many different scenarios for laying out the door frame. Because of this, we can’t give a definite installation time without surveying your home or where the door will be installed.

Do I need planning permission to install a composite door?

We regularly receive inquiries from our clients regarding the installation of composite doors. However, in some cases, you will need planning permission as you are making a change to your property. From the front of the door is where the main changes occur and if this area is visible and prominent then you may need planning permission depending on where you live as well.

If however, the door is to be installed at the rear of your property and hidden from view then you should not need planning permission as there will be no visual clue to indicate that there is a new door.

Can you install a knocker on a composite door?

We can install a knocker in a composite door, but you need to know that this material is not as strong as steel, so the door cannot take too much force. We have two options for a solution because a knocker can damage the door if it has to work hard. The first solution is to put a metal liner where you want your knocker to be. This way, the force will be absorbed upon contact with the metal liner and not with the door itself. The other option is to use wooden bumpers on each side of the inside part of the door that holds your gear.

Are all composite doors skin the same?

No. All composite door skins are not the same. A composite skin does not need to be painted but if you intend to paint your skin in order to match the exact colour of your original wood skin, your best bet is to go with a moulding that is made to come as close to the exact colour of your existing wood skin as possible.