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Give Your Brighton Home a Touch of Elegance With Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are one of the most economical, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly doors available in the market today. They have been around for a very long time and they are very popular with customers these days.

They can be divided into two panels with one panel hinged on the left or right side and opened up just like an accordion door. Bi-fold doors are designed to give you easy access into buildings or structures and they allow you to enjoy both the outside and inside structure at the same time.

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What Are the Benefits of Bifold Doors?

Many people think of bi-fold doors as being a way to add a little extra space to their home. But there are actually a number of benefits that extend beyond that and aesthetics alone. Below are some of the outstanding benefits of Bi-fold doors;

Bi-fold doors are secure

Bifold doors are a durable, multi-point locking door system and can be individually locked at any of the four points (two locks per leaf). If they have been fitted and maintained correctly they are extremely secure.

However, while bi-fold doors have been in use for many years and can be secure, it is important to ensure that any bifold door you purchase is fitted and installed correctly and complies with current building regulations.

Fitting bi-fold doors help to bring the outdoors in

A bi-fold door is an ideal solution for spaces where you want maximum light and a large opening.

Your new bi-fold doors will bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, adding a grand scale and exquisite detail to any room. Bi-folding doors are perfect for bringing the outdoors in during the summer, and they can help move warm air throughout your home all year round.

Moving clear sunlight into your home is a great reason to fit bi-fold doors.

Extensive colour options

The choices available for the colour, style and finish of your bi-fold doors are numerous; which ensures that they blend in seamlessly with the exterior of your home. You can opt for cream or white, black, brown, wood grain or even charcoal and several other options available upon request.

Bi-fold doors take up little space

With folding doors, you can create impromptu rooms without taking up extra space in the home. When not in use you can move them to a more convenient location. Our bi-fold doors are available with a winder or straight tracks to suit your available space. They can be fitted into any aperture, and are perfect for hallways, small bedrooms etc.

Bi-fold doors are low maintenance

Bi-fold doors require little to no regular lubricating, which means low expenses and no downtime due to the doors being lubricated. Their rollers are high-quality metal ball bearings for a smooth and silent glide each time they open or close.

They are easy to wash or clean: you just need to wipe them with a duster or a cloth.

Bi-fold doors are aesthetically pleasing

Fitting bi-fold doors can help improve your home’s interior design and overall ambience. These doors can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home/office. It brings in natural daylight and adds a flourish of style with its folded appearance. They feature an extremely attractive design that looks like no other door and is great for enhancing the entire appearance of your home/office.

Bi-fold doors are a popular option in Brighton homes, providing style and maximising light. Give your home a more modern look by installing bi-fold doors today. Call 01273 257 599 to get started!

What Are the Types of Bi-fold Doors We Install?

Single Bifold/Concertina Doors

A single bifold door is a type of door used to enclose an opening for a doorway. It consists of two distinct sections: the upper fixed panel and a lower movable panel.

With the benefits of security, safety, energy-saving and strength, the design of a single bifold/concertina door is becoming increasingly popular. This type of door has many of the advantages of a traditional single sliding door but offers greater benefits in strength and flexibility.

Ace Glazing Brighton’s unique design allows you to open your door almost completely flat when opened from one side and almost completely closed when opened from both sides. The versatility provided by this style of door makes it ideal for conservatories or any room where access needs to be improved while still allowing privacy while inside the room.

Bifolding Doors / Room Dividers

Bifolding room dividers provide a separation between two rooms of any size. They’re the perfect solution for your home, apartment, dorm room or office if you need to separate two rooms into smaller spaces. You can use them to create multiple rooms in a basement or loft and it’s also great for offices or classrooms as well. Our bi-folding room dividers are easy to install, and you can use this as a standalone door or fit it into an existing wall. These dividers are an extremely popular and practical solution when used in conjunction with bi-folding room divider screen units.

Bifolding Doors with Access Doors

Bifolding doors with access doors are foldable doors that provide access to space behind them. They’re used as an alternative to a traditional entrance door, such as in a mudroom, laundry room, garage or breezeway. They are a strong, versatile option for rooms that require both an interior and exterior entrance. The addition of an access door to the bifold door allows it to take on a variety of applications. Plus, they’re easy to use.

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Why Choose Us for Your Bifold Doors Installation in Brighton?

Ace Glazing based in Brighton is one of the leading professionals when it comes to installation of bi-fold doors in Brighton. We have been working on bi-fold doors for decades, providing custom made solutions for both domestic and commercial clients in Brighton.We are the preferred choice for Brighton based property owners and developers when they need to hire a professional door provider to install new bi-fold doors. Ace Glazing has an excellent reputation and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Skills & Expertise

Bi-fold doors are a stunning addition to any home. But if you don’t install them correctly, they can quickly become exposed to dirt and damage.

That’s why Ace Glazing Brighton offers bi-Fold doors installation and servicing across Brighton and suburbs.

We use high-quality products and our expert team always ensures the best possible results.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

Ace Glazing Brighton offers a total guarantee on your bi-fold doors, along with an insurance-backed guarantee should anything go wrong. We have fully licensed installers and all our work comes with a 10 year written guarantee.

Competitive Prices

We offer very competitive prices, and we are always upfront with our clients. There are no nasty surprises when it comes to pricing. If you have a quote from other companies, please take it into consideration before asking Ace Glazing Brighton to price match. We believe in treating all of our customers fairly and equally, regardless if they are our existing or previous customer. The price will ultimately rely on the size of the bi-fold doors and on the type of glazing material used.

Minimal Disruption

At Ace Glazing Brighton we believe that when it comes to home maintenance, there has to be a better way. Our approach is different and will take the hassle out of your home improvement project. Ace Brighton uses a team approach for everyday household repairs and upgrades. We pair you with an assigned project coordinator who will work closely with you through every step of the process, from initial consultation to final completion.

Bi-fold Doors Frame Material Options

Timber Bi-Fold Door Frames

Timber frames are strong, energy-efficient and sustainable. They are designed to be both strong and aesthetically pleasing and will complement the design and existing architecture of your home.

Our timber frames won’t warp or twist with age even in extreme weather conditions.

Aluminium Bi-fold Door Frames

The durability of aluminium frames is unquestionable and the associated low weight, high aesthetic appeal and ease of maintenance are other factors that have given aluminium a strong foothold in the market. Choosing aluminium for your bi-fold door frame could cost you a little extra money initially but it will be worth it in the long run.

uPVC Bi-fold Door Frame

uPVC frames provide an effective thermal and acoustic insulation from the elements.

These frames are available in the following finishes: Anthracite, Light Grey, Union Jack White, and Bronze. Available in a range of colours and with Low E glass to help draft proof your home.

All the products are installed using our high-quality installation service based on years of expertise and workmanship.

Our Bifold Doors Gallery

Our extensive bi-fold door gallery will help you create your perfect home living space. Whether your project involves a simple renovation or the complete transformation of a house, we have an extensive bi-fold door range to suit your design and budgetary needs. Visit our bi-fold doors gallery to browse through some of our recent work, then get in touch with us today to talk about your next project. We’ll be happy to arrange a visit and discuss your requirements.

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Ace Glazing Brighton are experts in all matters related to bi-fold doors – style, function, size and budget. At Ace Glazing Brighton we have a reputation for quality and service and our team will go the extra mile to ensure your new bi-fold door is exactly what you had imagined.

We offer a FREE, no-obligation quote for all bi-fold doors installations in Brighton. Our staff will carefully measure, design and produce your new bi-fold doors, regardless of the style, size or dimensions you require. We provide free home visits to fit your exact requirements.


Will bi-fold doors installation add value to my house?

Yes, it will. Bi-fold doors can increase your house’s value by adding a nice aesthetic appeal. Bi-fold doors are also very energy efficient, when installed properly they will save you quite a bit of money on heating and cooling costs. In today’s economy investors are always looking for a way to make their house appear more appealing to potential buyers. Bi-fold doors are one way to add value without making major structural changes.

Do I need planning permission to install bi-fold doors?

Planning permission is not required to install bi-fold doors. However, it’s prudent to discuss your plans with your neighbours—especially if they live immediately below or above the proposed location for your bi-fold doors (within two metres either side)—well before you install them.

How much does it install bi-fold doors?

The cost of bi-fold doors installation will depend on the following: Size and style of doors you are installing Site access, travel time & how difficult it is for a tradesperson to get to your property.

What is the maximum number of bi-fold sections?

For the maximum number of folds, we recommend using 10mm boards. With this board thickness, you can get more folds and see the full graphic.

Are sliding doors cheaper than bi-fold doors?

To calculate the true cost of installed bi-fold doors vs sliding doors you need to consider things like additional building alterations (booking off a wall space, removing obstructions, etc), the type of roller hardware used by the manufacturer and if it is custom made.

Do Bi-fold doors open in or out?

In most situations, they will open outwards. Sometimes (depending on the size of the door unit and/or the size of the opening) it may be more practical for them to open inwards.

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