Steel Doors (Crittal) Installation In Brighton

A Crittall steel door is a highly versatile steel door manufactured using a combination of precision engineering and hand craftsmanship. Crittall steel doors are made from stainless steel – a strong and durable material, extending the life of your door, keeping it looking good, and giving a high level of security for your home.

In today’s security-conscious construction environment, safe room doors are often the first line of defense.

At Ace Glazing in Brighton, we are one of the top contractors and installers for Crittall doors in the region. Our Crittal doors will meet all your demands for security, durability, longevity and aesthetics.

We have been serving the needs of residential and commercial customers for a decade and have a reputation for quality installation, backed by over 10 years of experience in the door industry.

With us, you can be sure that your steel door will be installed professionally by our team of experienced installers. You can request a free no-obligation quote today by calling 01273 257 599.

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What are the benefits of Steel Door (Crittal)?

Crittall Doors are renowned for their strength and resistance to the end of life deficiencies `(unlike uPVC doors`. They have a proven track record with tens of thousands of homes throughout Britain. The following is a very brief summary of some of their key benefits:

Highly Durable

Crittal steel doors have tremendous durability and are 100% recyclable! The corrosion resistance of steel offers a broad window of resistance to swings in temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Steel will maintain its shape and integrity in both snowy climates or humid climates. Moreover, steel doors make great investments for both new construction projects and commercial remodels.

Great for Ventilation

If you are concerned about airflow and ventilation through your steel door, it’s understandable. Many people wonder if steel doors offer the same level of comfort when it comes to airflow as wooden doors. The answer is yes, steel does offer great ventilation and airflow. The reason for this is that all steel doors have an air space behind the paneling that can be vented out.

Quality Security

Steel doors are one of the most secure doors you can buy.

They offer a robust defense against both burglars and intruders. Packed with features to make an attack extremely difficult, they are designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is protected.

The security benefits come from design features like strong deadbolts and strike plates, reinforced frames and hinges, heavy-duty locks, and anti-pry bars.

Excellent U-Value

As the demand for alternative energy sources continues to grow, many people are looking for ways to save and lower their utility bills. One of the best places to start is with your new steel door. Steel is reputed for its ability to maintain insulating values.

Steel door frames require a small amount of insulation to meet requirements and also allows for minimal energy loss. This is due to how steel conducts heat, and again, this is because of its properties as a ferrous material.

Low maintenance

Crittal Steel doors are low maintenance.

They are easy to maintain and clean with a damp cloth which makes them perfect for busy lifestyles.

The amount of maintenance required for a Steel door is limited and significantly less than that required by fiberglass doors, all due to the materials used and the manufacturing processes.

Exceptional sightlines to optimise light penetration

When it comes to creating a completely new space, you need exceptional sightlines. And that’s what you get with the features of our crittal steel doors. The glazing on the Crittal steel doors allows maximum light into your homes through a wide panoramic view. This is because the sightline of the door is thinner than that of a conventional door, allowing for more glazing.

Manufactured in the UK

Ace glazing Brighton Crittal Steel Doors are manufactured in the UK and have been around for a long time.

The classic design and durability make Crittal Steel Doors popular today as they did during their heyday.

The doors add character to any home.

Range of Styles to Suit any Home

Our steel doors come in a selection of styles and finishes to match any home, from classic double doors to sliding patio doors in French or contemporary designs. The wide range of shapes and louvered panel options also means you can find the right option for any inside space, from a small hallway to a square corner.

Ideal for replica refurbishments

With their rugged and easy-to-maintain steel construction, factory steel doors really are ideal for the refurbishment of replica properties. With the right care they’ll give you a lifetime of pleasure in a period home, and with the assurance that they’re still as practical as they are attractive.

Endless Colour Choices

Crittal’s steel doors are a modern take on the classic art deco design. These doors are available in several different designs and colours, so you can make your steel door as individual as you are.

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Why Choose Ace Glazing Brighton For Your Steel Doors (Crittal) Installation?

Excellent Customer Care Service

Ace Glazing Brighton is the right place for you to get your steel doors (Crittal) installation done. It goes without saying that customer service is one of the keys to success in any business, hence, Ace Glazing Brighton knows very well that treating customers well will be the reason why people come back and also share our brand with other people. That’s why we make a commitment to always excel in this area. Impeccable Craftsmanship

Competitive Prices

We are proud to have one of the best installation prices in Sussex and therefore offer a competitive quote for your Crittall door installation in Brighton. Our highly experienced installers work across the whole of Sussex, including Brighton and they will be able to offer you a free no-obligation quote when they come and survey your property.

Quality Materials

Ace Glazing Brighton offers a variety of high-quality materials that will make your home or commercial premises more secure. We will match the doors you need for your home or commercial properties. We are known for our ability to work indoors or outdoors with little supervision, only using the best of quality materials to achieve your expectations.

On-going support and After Sales Service

At Ace Glazing Brighton, we provide on-going support and after sales service and our team will be happy to help at any of our previous projects and offer sound advice on your choice of door. We are one of the leading companies in East Sussex offering our customers a reliable service for replacement windows and doors.

Approved By Checkatrade and FENSA

Ace Glazing Brighton is dedicated to the highest standards of workmanship. Our mission is to be a market leader, honest and friendly, offering quality workmanship, and exceptional customer service to all.

As part of our commitment to providing you with a professionally installed product, we are FENSA approved and Checkatrade registered. No job is too big or too small for us – we have a full range of services available.

Free Estimate

Ace Glazing has successfully installed hundreds of steel doors (Crittal) for domestic and commercial customers. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy company to install your new entrance door, we would love to help. We offer free estimates based on your needs. This could save you time and money, so contact us today for an estimate.

Professional Team

As an independent and specialist steel door firm, we are proud to say that we do much more than simply install steel doors for our customers. To us, it is important that you understand exactly which product you need before we get started. Our team of professionals will take you through all the options and help discuss the best choices for your project.

Revolving around your needs rather than our own, means we can be sure to use the best solution for you.

Products and Services Warranty

Ace Glazing Brighton offers a wide range of services to our clients. We pride ourselves on providing the best service and products. Our competent persons will be standing with you throughout the process and we offer guarantees for the first 10 years that your doors are in place so you can rest assured that you have quality, consistency, and dependability. Why not call us on 01273 257 599 and let’s get started with a FREE QUOTE and SITE SURVEY.

Our Crittal Steel Doors Designs And Styles

Our crittal steel doors come in a variety of designs and styles, including the classic double door design, the sliding barn doors design, as well as single sliding door and pagoda designs. Our steel doors are sold either in hollow sections or structural sections. With a comprehensive range of steel door designs and styles, Ace Glazing Brighton is proud to offer more freedom on special requests. How do I get in touch? Call 01273 257 599, let’s get started.

Glazing Options Available

Single Glazing

There’s no denying that the way we live is constantly evolving, and being the ingenious design specialists we are, this means we’re always thinking of new ways to help you add your own personal touch. This time, our focus has been on single-glazing Crittall doors: an age-old technology that has been transformed into a stylishly modern masterpiece. If it’s peering out of your living room or lurking in your internal courtyard, Ace Glazing Brighton is sure to turn heads.

Double Glazing

Ace Glazing Brighton Double Glazing Crittall door is perfect for your home. Sleek, stylish and sturdy doors will boost the value of your home. A well-installed door can help maintain a comfortable interior temperature all year round, saving energy and money each month. It’s a cost-effective solution that results in reduced outside noise, improved security, and greater comfort for you.

Triple Glazing

Ace Glazing Brighton’s triple glazed Crittall doors are up to 50% more energy efficient than a single glazing solution and up to 90% more thermal efficient.

Our triple glazing is an ideal replacement for your doors, making it the best choice for improving the energy efficiency of your home.

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Let Us Help You

Whatever your requirements, we are here to help. Our team of professionals are on hand to help you with installation, support, and advice. You can be confident that we will meet your requirements and deliver the quality service that you expect for years to come. At Ace Glazing Brighton, we are not a franchise. We are a family business with over 10 years of experience in the glazing and installations industries. This means that you will receive a high-quality installation service at a very competitive price.

You will also find that we can often arrange your installation within 24 hours and most of our work is available on a call-out basis. So, whether it is an emergency situation or just another job to add to your ongoing objectives when you choose Ace Glazing Brighton for your next glazing or installation job, you always get the same high quality of service! You can also call us on 01273 257 599 for a prompt response.


Do I need Permission to install steel doors?

You may want to check with your local authorities, as they have different regulations based on location. Most cities will not tolerate anyone installing a steel door without first obtaining permission from the city building and safety department. Many homeowners are afraid of having their own broken into or vandalized. Allowing them to do so is like inviting the people besides you in your community to enter your home through the back door at their convenience.

Are crittall doors expensive?

The cost of steel doors very widely. Steel doors are fabricated to meet a variety of architectural styles in a range of finishes including painted, wood grain, stucco, and fiberglass. The door type will also have an impact on the cost. Fire-rated doors could be more costly or less costly depending on what fire rating you choose. For more information, you can contact us.

How long does the installation of a steel door take?

With only four basic steps, installation is quick and you can be back enjoying the benefits of your new steel door in a day. The entire installation process takes a metal contractor anywhere from half a day to a full day, depending on difficulty level and difficulty location. Most doors can be completed over a weekend and require little more than simple hand tools

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